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a dick of a person who manipulates people into doing things he wants even though rejected. he'll make your life into a living hell if you don't do what he wants, when he wants, for as much as he pleases. he'll only need you when it's convenient for him. he'll never be there for you, but when you're not able to be there for him, he'll be fucking petty and make you feel like you've committed unimaginable grave sins. and when you try to tell him about how he's being such an asshole, he'll make you feel guilty by saying things like "Do you still love me?" ,"It's ok I don't deserve to be loved," or "I'll never be enough." at first you won't notice how toxic he is, but once you've come to the realization, you'll be more than glad to cut him off from your life. and maybe cut his dick off too while you're at it.
well speaking of the devil aka bad anthony.
by a wise man sharing his wisdom February 12, 2018
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