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When your diet only conists of the heavenly goodness called bacon.
person 1- I wonder if you would die if you were a baconatarian from eating so much bacon.

person 2- Who cares? It's probably the coolest and tastiest way to die.
by baconequalslife March 13, 2010
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A vegetarian who excludes beef, fish, poultry, reptiles and other living creatures from their diet but will on occasion consume bacon. Because these people do choose to include a form of meat in their diet (Bacon is muscle tissue from a live animal and therefore meat) they are not full vegetarians. Because these people live mostly a vegetarian lifestyle they are not true omnivores.
Although, Mike lives a vegetarian lifestyle and constantly annoys his friends by reminding them the health benefits of not eating meat, he will on occasion eat bacon. Mike is a Baconatarian.
by Runmikerun December 08, 2015
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