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originally from scoring a baseball game, a backwards K is the symbol for "caught looking". "Backwards K" is used to describe catching a bittie looking at you who wants your manhood.
Kenny: Yo those chicks are staring at us.
Keith: Word, they want it bad.
Kenny: Backwards K
by Lippset May 29, 2006
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For one who wants to take their inebriation to the next level.

A step above the original, more juvenile, "strikeout", lies the "backwards k". It involves one more key ingredient.

The subject must first take a hit of weed (holding in the smoke), chug a beer, take a shot, then grab a freshly rolled up $20 and rip a line of cocaine. After one has completed those 4 steps, the subject can finally proceed to blow out the smoke.
Guy: Ey man, whatd you end up doing last night?
Dude: I canoe-oared a water bed...You?
Guy: Ha, nice...I woke up in my car, in an alley, with the heat blasting, an empty bottle of cheeze whiz in my hand, and a walrus carcass in the back seat.
Dude: Holy shit man...
Guy: Yea...mother fuckin' backwards k!
by The Dream Team & Friends January 06, 2010
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