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friend who doesnt care about you and has alterior motives for everything they do that involves you. is always late and has a lame excuse, who blows you off and makes up excuses and doesnt care.
Sarah-Jane and I are supposed to hang out at 415. SJ calls at almost 4 30. Sarah-Jane says maybe 6 o clock?
She calls at almost 6. She doesnt think she'll be able to hang for a while.. to make it up she tries to schedule a sleepover. then says i'll call you by 8 30 to hang out. she doesnt call. you call her. she'll call u by 9. she calls at 9:04. something came up. sleepover and hanging out-CANCELLED. shes with another friend now. and she thinks youre pissed. and almost says it in a joking way.. like: ha ha im so cute. you'll get over it. ha. thanks for the night. bitch. that is a backstabbing friend.
by Katiee June 29, 2005
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