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a fun game invented by the high school marching band drummers of berlin, ct (also sometimes practiced by Berlinites or a combination of both). basically involves the following procedure:

1: Aquire someone's backpack while they are not looking
2: Remove the contents of the main pouch carefully, being sure to keep everything in the same order (or disorder) as it was found
3: Flip the backpack inside out
4: Put the contents of the backpack back into the now inverted backpack
5: Zip it up and put it back where you left it

the victim of this pointless and rather humorous attack will be most suprised when he/she turns around and finds their backpack flipped inside out. the same attack can be practiced by taking the backpack from their hands and using force to keep the victim away, however, must be accompanied by continuously repeating the phrase "just let it happen.."
shmope: dude, let's do a backpack inversion with dome's backpack.
shmope's friend: ok!
*inverts backpack*
dome: wtf, you guys suck.
mike: hahaha, dome has a big head.
by shmope's friend June 09, 2006
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