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Baccano! is a fantastic anime series based off of a light novel by Ryohgo Narita. The name of the series is the italian word for "ruckus", and it sure lives up to this name. The show has no main character, instead following the perspective of multiple characters. Sometimes, you'll be watching the hilariously fucked-up killer Ladd Russo, or you could be following Szilard Quates, an alchemist hellbent on learning the secret to becoming immortal, even though he is immortal himself. (Not a spoiler, established early on). Overall, Baccano! is a fantastic series that should be watched by all. Very gory, but amazing. Also, it's dub is on par with Cowboy Bebop, with the english VA perfectly matching the personalities and accents of characters. Go watching it.
"Baccano! sucks. One Piece is soooo much better"
*bitch slap
by thebeautifulflowerofwisdom September 20, 2013
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