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This phrase is descriptive of the 4 disticnt levels of courtship used by females to describe her involvement with a man.
1. baby- you are involved in casual friendship based on sex

2. boo- she not only gives you sex but lets(actually tricks you into) you buy things for her.

3. man- you are in a full blow relationship, have also been coerced into meeting the parents of said succubus, and dont have any plans for leaving. She still has sex with you but its getting harder to get action because she doesnt want it to be just about sex and wants to take the relationship to a higher level, and she still manages to con you into buying shit for her.

4. bitch- the final twisted stage, where the female truly has a man wrapped around her devious little finger and is actually able to yell at him, take his paycheck, and sleep with him only when she says it is ok, and he takes it like the bitch he is because he has been so severely brainwashed he actually believes he has it pretty good. This is when all 4 categories are strung together to make the worst label in history; baby-boo-man-bitch. At this point you have been completely and utterly owned by a female that you told your buddies would never break you but she just did. Once this label is placed you may as well throw away your cell and move into the mountains where no one knows you. This usually occurs right after the wedding or honey moon.
A month ago he was hittin it all the time, then he started buyin her shit, and he got less action as time went on, and nows hes her slave. He is officially her baby-boo-man-bitch.
by pummy May 05, 2009
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