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1. (n.) a type of hug in which one person jumps into the other's arms and simultaneously wraps their legs around the other's waist; usually given after a long period of not seeing someone

2. (n.) a ridiculously adorable marsupial native to Australia
1. After two years of not seeing each other, Stacy ran up to Kelsey and gave her a baby koala.

2. The baby koala at the zoo is ridiculously adorable.
by buddythebetta January 27, 2012
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The most docile, cutest, lovable and down right sexiest little creature in the world. (apart from Jessica Alba).

Loves RnB and Bob Marley. Originated from outer Mongolia, but moved to Australia, due to the baby koalas being eaten by Genghis Khan. They have a slow metabolism, even though they consume a huge amount of food, therefore they sleep for most of the day, they also have a bifuricated penis and are usually found clinging to the back of an ape.
Nawwww, look at the baby koala sleeping.

OMG! look, that baby koala has a bifuricated penis!!

Did you know that the baby koala's favourite songs are; Three Little Birds by Bob Marley and Get Up by 50 Cent.
by Coca-brola December 11, 2010
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