it means the bestest bestfriend. they argue a lot of times but they always forgive each other. someone who is always be there for you no matter what circumtances. she will never leave you hanging. someone who will fight for you until the end. when someone got broken hearted.. your babesh will be the one who is with you. an extraordinary bestfriend
Rei is my babesh forever. :)
by micai March 2, 2007
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In demonology as well as Ancient folklore, Babesh is a demon that goes around tormenting people until they give up their riches.

Babesh looks like a cross between a goblin and your typical demon, he is small, has a big nose, has sharp claws and sharp teeth, and is covered in black hair. There is one thing that Babesh loves and it is gold, he saves it and will do anything to get his hands on it.
The name "Babesh" comes from Ancient Sumerian origins.
Even the most tough and stubborn could never withstand the torment of Babesh.
by WineBeans July 3, 2021
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