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A small burgerjoint located in Toronto, which unlike this other definition is only accessable by stoner's who are undoubtably the only ones likely to think of going there for dinnerrrr
"yo maaan, I'm soo hungry, I haven't moved in six hours"
"let's go to B-shackk"

"Alright! let me finish this spliff then I'll Drive us!"
"It's like a video game!"
by thechrondon January 13, 2010
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Smoking such an extremely outrageously big bongload that the smoke produced makes a temporary smoke shack that stops all sobrietarians from entering the premises. The only way of entrance to the shack is by producing more smoke to extend the shack. The word is derived from gnomes that dwell deep within the northern California forests.
Don't worry if you can't pay the rent, we can just build a b-shack.
by Dyne Lybs March 21, 2005
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