Very cool and clever way of saying "belly button." Though there is much controversy, nine out of ten experts believe Josh originally coined the term.

Soooo in a nutshell...IN YO FACE!
Mah B Button! Mah B Button!
by Word Origins Expert May 27, 2007
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When a girl is shakin' it so hard u afraid it gonna fall off
That girl was shakin' it so hard i afraid it gonna fall off; she mashin' on the b button
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Refers to a person in an xbox live video game match in which that person relies on the b-button to win the game. The b-button is usually the button used to melee. Meleeing is seen as nooby and requires no skill, with which then follows with the b-button whore getting a message from a person is the game badgering them with insults with the following insult "b-button whore." Used most in games like gears of war, or halo.
"Wow look at that faggot b-button whore. What the fuck is he trying to do? set a new world record?"
by a guy from x box live October 6, 2009
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