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an Arabic expression that means "fuck you", mostly used in Lebanon, in the Arabic language it means "My Dick in You". Mostly used to:
1- At a start of a fight "Mashkal" when someone is angry
2- Show surprise
3- Express joy and satisfaction
1- Ayre fik chil el siyara hayda ma7ale

Fuck you "My Dick in You" remove the car that's my spot
2- N.K:3refet enno C.A. ghtassabou

did you hear that C.A was rapped

J.E: Ayre Fik chou hal khabriyeh 7a2a massare

Fuck you "My Dick in You" this story costs money
3- Ayre Fik ra2i3a hal nekte

Fuck you "My Dick in You" this joke is great
by jay.elia August 13, 2010
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