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She is a caring person. She stands up for her friends and will stick by them through rough times. She is very loyal and has a wicked sense of humour. She is such a lovely person and everone around her is happy to ve around her. You feel like you can tell her everything and be yourself.
Hey have you seen Ayleera lately I need to talk to her .
by ayleera March 20, 2018
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She usually has blond or brunette hair and a lovely smile. She is kind and everyone around her is always excited to see her. She is a big party fan and will defend her friends in difficult situations and even though she isn't that sporty she will always be there cheering at the side lines waiting for you to cross the finish and when you are competing she will be the loudest in the crowd shouting your name. She is fierce and confident in herself and will never let her guard down. She is beautiful inside and with no doubt out. Ayleera is very straight forward because if she doesn't like you she won't talk behind your back and make comments, she will just stay away. She is also very loyal and charming. She is good at introductions and greeting people with a warm smile. She is fun to be around and overall a great friend. And she doesn't mind cheese and chips from time to time.
Have you seen Ayleera lately because I want to talk to her about something.
by ayleera definition of name August 20, 2018
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