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Aychak Man” represents the typical Lebanese macho man with all its emotional, prejudicial and mindset appraisals.

He is clearly adhered to the traditions through family and society, therefore he have as pronoun a word deriving from Lebanese Jargon “aychak” an expression meaning “what’s up” a common saying widely used by the people in the area of Jounieh and rural villages up the mountains of Lebanon .

his surname is the English word “man” to represent the commitment of the “lebanese Macho” to the American and European civilizations as he considers himself as very open, modern and hip while he is in fact simply adopting the fake appearance of such civilization in particular when it comes to the way he treats and considers women in general.

For him, the women always comes second, for show only he will be always the first and the last to decide, however at home it is completely the opposite.

the Aychak man is created by the painter Roger Tanios through a series of painting and become a very urban definition describing the lebanese macho man
{aychak man}- {ayshak man}-{aychakman} - {ashkman}
by roger tanios - khetiar January 13, 2010
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