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n. a roadsign gesture made with the hands by putting one hand in a karate chop-type position,and the other in an 'O' formation above it. this signifys an obviously awkward moment, an alternative to the previously over-used awkward turtle

this roadsign can be considered part of the awkward mascot club, and clearly shows the incomprehensible nature of awkward turtles, awkward palm trees, etc. and may often lead to the spontaneous erruption of laughter from those of a more immature disposition.
rachel was in the van descibing to tessa, amanda, robin and stephanie how she stalked someone on facebook.

tessa: that's really awkward, like awkward turtle...
amanda:no, more like awkward palm tree
robin: no way, that's more like awkward snowsuit
stephanie: not even, that's definetly an awkward roadsign
by sesamizle May 08, 2009
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