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1. (v) Endeavoring to prevent a friend from creating an awkward situation which would have otherwise eliminated his chances of getting laid.

2. (v) The successful defense of one's property from an avian predator of the Aethia genus. (Alternate spelling: aukblock)
1. "I just knew he was going to tell that terrible midget threesome joke so I awkblocked him before he could blow it with her again."

2. "Dude, this bird was dive-bombing our company picnic so I awkblocked its ass with a baseball bat."
by The Rabbit Hole August 03, 2010
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Variation of cock block; when someone awkward joins the group/conversation causing the person trying to get laid to get cock blocked
Person 1: Bro, did you get some last night?
Person 2: No, fucking John showed up and made everything awkward so we decided to call it a night
Person 1: Get awk blocked, bro -_-
by Hashed Brown June 19, 2011
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v. the act of doing something awkward to cock block yourself or someone else either intentionally or unintentionally
I was hitting on the brides sister but had to stop because her father came over and said something about her medication, it was a total awk block.
by jlgood May 29, 2011
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