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The Awful Show is an weekly explicit talk comedy podcast that deals with current events, pop culture, sex talk, weird relationships and whatever else comes to mind. Tha Mike, Nerraux, Keyz and Joel let fly whatever is on their minds. The Awful Show interviews celebrities from time to time including, but not limited to such stars as Jimmy Pop from The Bloodhound Gang, Dr Steel and Watt White iii from The Smashup. We play games and skits including song parodies and fake commercials. If you like shows like Red Bar Radio, Biggs And Kyle, The Mediocre Show, Howard Stern, Opie And Anthony, Dan And Scott and Smart Bomb Radio and TV Shows like South Park, Family Guy, The Office, My Name Is Earl and The Simpsons, then you will LOVE the Awful Show. We also do phone pranks like the Jerky Boys. Into Nerdcore? We play artists like Futuristic Sex Robotz, Optimus Rhyme, Beefy, ZeaLous1 and MC Frontalot. Like Strong Bad Emails? So do we.
by Awful show mark March 28, 2007
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