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An avelemite is an alien from a planet far, far, far away from here. Avelemites have distinctly feline heads, with two diagonal facing eyes that give good field of vision as well as excellent depth perception. Avelemites have four paws, the front pair of which have four toes with claws, as well as opposable dewclaws in lieu of thumbs. The hind feet only have four claws. Avelemites also have wings that protrude from their specialized shoulder blades and are supported by powerful flight muscles anchored in the sternum. However, the most striking characteristic of the avelemite is its long, flexible tail, and even more striking, the crescent shaped blades adorning the forehead and at the end of said tail. Usually, avelemites have tails 1.5 to 2.5 times their body length, and comprising 15 to 25 percent of their body weight, due to the heavy musculature needed to support and move the tail.

Just think: flying cheetahs with horns and huge murderousley fast and lethal tails sailing towards you at 30 miles per hour and asking which way the home world is... that's an avelemite.
by RoseThourne November 16, 2007
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