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It stands for A Very Annoying Person. Perfect for talking about people behind their back becasue if they overhear you can say it is a very amazing person.
OMG She is such an avap!!!!!!
by not an avap June 17, 2011
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Ava is a beautiful outspoken girl! She is so lovable. She is not afraid to get into trouble a. Ava does not let people into her life very often. But when she does, she loves them and cares for them with all her heart. Even if she doesn't show it. And when she does love someone she loves them hard. Thats whats so amazing about her. Also, she doesn't share her feelings very often. But its super special when she does.You fell safe around her and she will be one the best people you will ever meet. And when tested she can be a real bitch. But its one of her best qualities. She is someone you should love with all your heart if she lets you into her life. And she is definitely someone you will never forget.
Ava P. is the best person you will ever meet! Never let her go...
by ilovecake0512 June 16, 2018
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1.small bitch with red hair

2.thinks she is cool but is not a very nice and athletic bffttdid
Omg is that ava p
Look like it
She’s hot
by May 09, 2018
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