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(verb) to autofrag onesself

- to self-destruct, especially accidentally as a result of playing with fun high explosives such as fragmentation grenades.

- to have a nervous breakdown, for example, as a result of a conversation with a culturally repressed foreigner

(verb) to autofrag another

- to cause another person to loose their mind, say, by incessantly pestering them about mindless and terminally useless philosophical or religious banter

(noun) an autofrag

- the successful act of autofragging someone or oneself
That fat, hairy, brown bastard made me autofrag in my shorts after talking at me for an hour.

I had an autofrag yesterday because I didn't get to drink any beer.

Don't try autofragging me.. i've had a shitty day and i haven't taken my medication.
by littlecazzo October 14, 2009
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