auto handballing is the same thing as auto fisting, or fisting ones own anus or vagina. the auto handballer usually lubricates the targeted orifice with astro glide or KY jelly or sometimes cooking oil then procedes to stuff their hand and forearm into said orifice. the sickest of auto handballers tries to see how much they can fit up there sometimes going as far as the elbow or trying to use both hands while they are balled up. there are alot of videos of this on the internet right now, just google " self fisting "
johnny : " man, that bitch is sexy ! "
al : " don't even try it, she is an auto handballer. trying to fuck that would be like throwing a hot dog down a hallway "
johnny : " what is auto handballing ? "
al : " she shoves her fists up her shit "
by gmw January 22, 2008
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