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1. A person on the Internet who is both 12 y/o and edgy.

2. Internet cancer which is so cancerous, it turns you autistic.
Guy 1: Dude, have you seen Jake Paul's fanbase?
Guy 2: No because I don't want to.
Guy 1: Well, one time, I posted constructive criticism on one of his videos and I got a lot of people saying to me things like 'stfu fgt' or 'fuck off cunt'.
Guy 2: Oh, then they're definitely autistocarcinogenics.

Guy 3: Bro, looking at the cancer on iFunny literally gave me autism.
Guy 4: Dude, don't go onto there again. All the "memes" on there are 100% autistocarcinogenics.
by LordNDTheFatterCunt September 13, 2017
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