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A stupid dickhead that’s jealous of short stack and can’t even insult them properly

This sad person lacks the knowledge to even insult people that they've never even meet in their life.
Knows absolutely nothing about how the music industry or its fan base operates.
Judges and degrades kind people that he/she’s never even meet in order to feel better about him/her self.
Obviously has no music ability and therefore ridicules others that actually have made it as musicians
Clearly has body issues probably relating to the size of his genitals and the fact that his are miniscule.
Never has been or will be loved except by his own mother even then he has to wear a bag over his head.
author Maddam IHYSS doesnt know what punctuation is
"Consist of 3 males with their heads so far up their anus they are beyond gone."
With punctuation it’s supposed to be:
"Consists of 3 males with their heads so far up their anus's they are beyond gone"
Rude to their fans who are so brainwashed they don't realize.
Don’t realize what? a sentence has a full point in it so you have an unfinished sentence

And have you ever meet them?
by Defender Of Short Stack!! December 19, 2009
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