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Originating from Houston, Tx, Aurora Mist is a blend of at least two or more strands of marjiuana mixed together. One strand is usually much more potent than the other. It works the best in Swisher Sweet cigarillos, when you take some of that dank ass bud, prefferably GDP or sour diesel, and mix it with some good mids or some fire reggie. However the best Aurora Mist is when you take multiple strands of hydroponics, and burn that shit from sunrise to sunset.
Randy : "Man, I only got thirty bucks. If we get a dime sack of reggie, we can also get a gram of some dro so we can roll a couple rillos ofAurora Mist."

Kody : "Haha, bitch nigga! I already picked up some killer. I mean, I'll get another gram to throw down and roll up more Aurora Mist rillos, but you keep that nasty ass Mexican weed to yourself bro."
by kodyjay March 29, 2010
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