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Simply the best website for those who love electronic music. People can create quality songs, for free, in their browser by dragging wires, turning knobs and pressing buttons on many cool machines.

The best thing is: most people allow remixing of their songs and you can open their tracks with the timeline and all the devices set out. Its the best way possible to learn how to make electronic music! Simply brilliant!

It has the coolest and most helpful staff on the whole internet. They listen to almost everything that gets put out on there and if they dig your sounds, they'll leave a comment or fave it. And if they really like a track, be sure to see it featured on the home page!
A: Hey man, did you hear all those new tracks on from Cripta, Cgman, Sandburgen, rnzr, EliaTrix, Jonjon, Olondro, sumad, Frigolito, andremoda, Anthony Bartone, Olaf, Tyburn, 808Chunk, enjoyyourshoes, Astrum, yafee?, arche3.0, dabrig, femme_robot... and so on?

B: Dude, are you kidding me? Of course I did! I also made this cool new wobbly sound with the Pulverisateur. You can look at how I made it when I publish my new track.
by zpek June 30, 2012
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