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Audio Virgin, is a man or woman who has listened up to a certain point, music that has conveyed no emotion to the listener. These people have either decided to keep an emotional distance or have experienced something that hinders all emotion. To lose an audio virginity is to find one song, that in spite of everything up till that point moves you in the way you never moved before. It usually leaves you laying on the carpet panting covered in sweat. Its gets to a point that it almost looks like seizuring. So dont go with a 5 minute song, start with a smaller one. After losing said virginity, all music of the same genre will move you, whether it be bassboundin in your car or glitchin in the kitchen. Unlike sex, losing an Audio Virginity is best done with a close friend. For support reasons plus it makes for an excellent ice breaker. Another thing about audio virginity is thats its best lossed with a maximum volume. It will hurt, you will bleed, but when it's over you turn it off make some breakfast and it won't hurt as bad next time. A filthy bass song is recommended, it just kinda sets some standards for the next times. Just A side note, you cannot get ATI's (Audio Transmitted Infections)
Girl 1: Here, lets put on these headphones.
Girl 2: What, Why?
Girl 1: Today, we lose the audio virginities.
Girl 2: Alright lets go.
(Plays Track)
Girl 1: AW MY GAHD!
Girl 1: (Pulling on cord) PULL IT OUT! PULL IT OUT!
Girl 2: Be strong! it will be over soon!
(Tracks ends)
Girl 1: *panting* What just happened?
Girl 2: We did it. It's Over, It's done!
Girl 1: I`m glad to be with you, here at the end of all things innocent...
Girl 2: Likewise, now get out of my house, my husbands coming home and I need to shower...
by Audiovirginnomore September 19, 2013
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