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Someone who gets off on people giving them attention, more so than any kind of sexual activity. The basis for many attention whores.

This orientation is especially common among teenage girls, many of whom will grow out of it once they realize girls who don't play games and actually follow through are getting more action.
Goddammit. You're another attention-sexual.
by osmo512 March 14, 2011
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A person, usually around the ages 13-18 who says that their queer to attract attention. They usually are straight, cis females who prefer they/them pronouns and claim to be non-binary. Most of the time they have short hair, dyed in bright, attention-seeking, colors and dress androgynously. Unlike genuine queer people they usually either introduce themselves with "hi, im a gay, little, transboy whats your name?" Or "omg did you really just ask me what gender i am? Hashtag triggered, im ranting about this on my tumblr!".
"omg did you hear about Sierra coming out as a lesbian yesterday? #Lgbt pride!"

"Lmao shes not actually a lesbian, shes just attentionsexual."
by no_offense_but_its_true June 12, 2018
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