women who men use because of their low self esteem and willingness to neglect their kids to satisfy the man or men in their lives these women are usually women with diffrent baby daddies,no hope or future. mostly women who have been passed around and no longer are desired by men of virtue.Typical ghetto women, Gold teeth,four or five kids all with diffrent daddies,tatoos, women who love to blame their baby daddies for their problems,they may work or not, one step away from hiv,or an std.
Man This atricky wanted me to sleep with her with no rubber on! And my nigga she 7months pregnant. Nigga she dont give a fuck about her kids or herself. :My nigga thats why she got them kids she dont give a fuck why she got her kid coming over my house while she is at work. :Say my nigga this atricky got burnt by another nigga and tried to put tha blame on her man. Then peep this tha other nigga moved away afta he burnt her! Damn this hoe is out there.
by hoepimp September 29, 2009
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