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Atianna is a really pretty girl that everyone is Jealous of. She has brown eyes and black hair she is basically the definition of perfection
Look there is Atianna
Man she is so hard to get
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by Hskaojsbdbdiowodb November 26, 2017
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Atianna is a really pretty girl with brown eyes and brown wavy hair. She’s really funny and crazy but a lot of people love that about her. She has one, if not, two, dimples and they show when she smiles. Although she’s kind and caring to her closest friends, she can become fierce and dangerous when messed with.
β€œShe’s so kind yet dangerous. She’s so pretty yet mysterious. She’s so funny yet serious.”

β€œHm, must be an Atianna!”
by boochiecandit January 22, 2019
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