The term used to describe Athanasius, the 20th Pope of Alexandria, who is considered one of the doctors of the early Christian Church. He was called "athanasius against the world" because he successfully and repeatedly defended church dogma against the Arian heresy, which at times would become very popular.
Damn dog, you got your girl to let you buy a motorcycle?! You straight busted an athanasius contra mundum and shit!
by RamezE July 16, 2006
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An old latin phrase, literally translated as "Athanasius against the world". Athanasius of Alexandria (not to be confused with Athanasius Kircher) was a Christian Bishop in the 4th Century who defended Christianity, often supposed as using techniques compared to the modern mafia, against the 'threat' of Arianism.

The phrase, "Athanasius contra mundum" can then be taken as an expression of the need to defend one's ideas, no matter the cost.
I don't want to be Athanasius contra mundum here, but something has to be done about our corrupt local government.
by AthanasiusHimself November 4, 2006
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