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Atalete is a very gorgeous girl, she is know to have a kind heart and a warm smile. When men get the chance to be with her they become so mesmerized by her beauty and personality. Atalete is a hard worker and a big supporter for friends and family. She’s very cultural and is quite talented as she can sing, dance and even cook. When Atalete cares for someone, she cares a lot to the point where she will do what ever it takes to see that person happy and successful. Although Atalete is many amazing things, at times she doubts her self but luckily she has people to show her other wise. Leading to the next thing, Atalete can spot a fake friend before you can so listen to her advise carefully. Atalete is a real person very genuine and honest, she is one to keep a secret and to fight for another. She makes people laugh and smile. She keeps to herself mostly but isn’t shy to make new friends, but she has a perfected group to be with mostly. At times Atalete tends to put others before her self and can be to forgiving a little to easily but knows when she’s had enough! All in all if you are an Atalete feel proud of who you are, and know you are just as special.
“ is her name Atalete? She’s so pretty! “
by ykwtfgob January 20, 2018
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