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Da rueful "thank goodness for no thorns" cheer-up remark dat you say to your bush-whacking companions when laboriously pushing your way through thick brush. Thankfully for Brer Rabbit, Brer Fox and Brer Bear were **not** able to utter this phrase when they flung Brer Rabbit into the nearby prickly thicket, and thus said dense patch of spiky brambles prevented them from pursuing said bunny as he was guffawingly making his escape.
When da prince rescued Sleeping Beauty, he wasn't actually able to tell his horse, "At least there are no briars" as he was slashing his way through da thorn-bushes that ringed the castle. However, he and his trusty steed still never got scratched at all, thanks to da magic sword dat da three good fairies had given him; said enchanted sabre caused da spiky bushes to simply fall away to one side as da blade-wielding hero hacked them down.
by QuacksO January 08, 2020
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