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Astro Empires is an online space mmo strategy game, commonly abbreviated AE. Addictive and fun. Players form guilds to protect each other, and farm noobs. Goons are frequent players, and inevitably form sneaky alliances in an effort to dominate an entire server.

Also sometimes referred to as "spreadsheets in space".
"Dude, my guild totally crashed a JG on Astro Empires the other day. We made a huge derb pile and totally pwned the Goons."

"Sweet. I play every server in AE, it sucks up SOOO much time."
by JsX™ June 23, 2008
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AstroEmpires (AE) is a MMOG played by thousands of people trying to make themselves bigger and stronger aswell as taking the opponents down. Players form guilds and alliances in order to become stronger. AE has several other functions outside the game itself, such as Forums and their own Wiki. The Admin crew is known for their thirst for banning players who cheat (using scripts, bots, etc.), aswell as for suspending people who log on from the same IP address. There's several sorts of player, from simmers, who do nothing but simming and have huge fleets while have very low XP, to XP addicts who do nothing but crashing their entire fleets for the fun and the XP...from the leets who own everyone who crosses their way, to noobs who have their bases occupied 24/7. There is many ways to play that addictive game, only one goal: become stronger.
"I play Astro Empires, i'm leet"

"AE Wiki is serious business"

"You attacked with're epic fail"

"Shoot first, ask permission later."

"we're here for the lulz and the pew-pew!"
by DarknessWarrior January 28, 2009
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Astro Empires is a highly addictive Space Strategy Game in real-time.
Play in a Huge Universe with Thousands of Players.
Build bases, spaceships, research new technologies, form alliances, fight epic Battles, and much more!

Above text was directly lifted from the game itself.

While being an extremely time-consuming the game, it uses false advertisement to lure new players to start playing it.
The "much more" part is basically referring to the Forums where the Astro Empire players make their voices heard. However the mods (while not nearly as bad as mods from other online games) are very biased.

Commonly abbreviated A.E, Astro Empires is an online space mmo strategy game. But like with many other online games, gangbanging is a prevalent feature coursing through the everyday makings in the game.

At the time there is currently 5 servers in the game.

Alpha, Beta, Ceti, Delta and Epsilon.

Alpha is generally ruled with an ironfist by some French RPG fanatics. One of the most notorious of them being the "trap" Qµeen Kri§tinne.

Beta being the birthplace of "the Bloodpacts" later saw Goons from Something awful invade the game for lulz. The Bloodpacts was destroyed, but bad blood isn't so easy to clean and the popsuckers have made a comback in the form of RAGE.

Ceti started out as a wildwest but lately has devolved into popsucking part 2 The SU strikes back. The SU is lead by Heiho a guild that uses an bunch of smaller guilds as meatshields and easy access to jumpgates. Meanwhile they hole up in their own galaxies with their Mostly Hungarian lovers SSJ. The players in Heiho and SSJ are mainly those that exist in RAGE. So same block of popsuckers on two servers trying to farm everyone.

Delta is a server where most guilds are galaxybased and everyone is simming. Nobody cares about Delta though so it doesn't matter.

Epsilon is the newest server and might become fun if guilds make sure to not form super alliances on it.
"Can Astro Empires please extended support for my gameboy color?"

"I think I've made my point. Please lock this thread mods."

"Honestly, what did you expect?"

"Guild is an guild, player is an player."
by Istus August 22, 2008
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