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During 2005-06, the notable residence of UC Santa Cruz linguists Matt B, Nick R and pseudo-linguist Eduardo N. The AssPad was known throughout linguistic circles at the university as a popular and welcoming hangout where erudite and insightful discussions on linguistic matters would take place.

The inhabitants were often referred to as '''M.E.N.''' ('''M'''att, '''E'''duardo and '''N'''ick) who themselves were members of sister group '''Die xomorganic xomies.'''

Known for being the place where an uninterrupted sequence of academic, social and festive gatherings took place (prompting '''M.E.N.''' to often boast triumphantly: "Another successful evening at the Ass Pad!") the Ass Pad became in late 2005 the linguistically social center of UCSC and the city of Santa Cruz as a whole.

According to some sources, the Ass Pad owed its name to its many places to sit. While this claim can be found throughout the internet, it is close to impossible to verify as '''M.E.N.''' have declined frequent requests for interviews to corroborate this information.

The Copasetic, the Block, Spiderman, the Dartboard, the Mace List and the Little Girl were important landmarks in the AssPad.

By extension, any great linguisticly-connected house where fun is had.
Last night, I went to a couple parties on campus, but they were no fun. Then I noticed there was great excitement everywhere: the AssPad was having its big first gathering of year. My weekend was saved!!
by nuke neal September 04, 2006
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An ass-pad is possessed by a goalie in the video game NHL 11. It describes when you have a one timer with a wide open net, and a pad seems to come from absolutely no where and completely rob you of a seemingly free goal.
1 - So i was playing NHL 11 yesterday

2- Oh, how'd it go?

1- Terrible, i had a beautiful one-timer, the net was wide open, then an ass-pad came out of no where, and lost in the finals of the series.

2- Wow, you got jewed hard.
by offend@nhl11 March 08, 2011
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1. An implement used to protect the posterior region.

2. A pad made out of ass.
"At least i was wearing asspads when i fell out of that third story window."

"Don't get your asspads in a knot."

by Kenny "Motherfucking" Quayle February 12, 2006
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