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An ASSHOLE VAN is a large Econoline size van, typically used for commercial purposes. Whenever you encounter someone in a van like this on the road, that person is an ASSHOLE. It could be a phenomenon similar to the movie "Christine" where the vehicle possesses the owner somehow. These vans are usually driven by git-r-duns.

When you encounter such a van, try to avoid contact with it but don’t back down. That’s exactly what they want you to do.
On the road, some big ass van cuts you off or just comes into your lane. That's an ASSHOLE VAN.

If there is a lane that ends and everyone is merging in and some asshole in a big van tries to run waay up to the front and cut off a bunch of people... That's an ASSHOLE VAN.
by Takuban November 16, 2006
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