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A disease in which the asshole region is stricken with multiple symptoms of illness, such as severe redness, appearance of sores or blisters, green fungus, acute pain whenever one sits down, or the insatiable urge to fill asshole region with Listerine or toothpaste. Is highly contagious and can be transmitted in multiple ways. So dangerous being in the same room with one who has A-ginge will result in at least the basic transmittance of qualities such as being stupid or a giant douche bag or excessively loud.
"Can Jimmy come out to play?"
"Sorry, Jimmy has to stay in bed. His doctor says he has asshole gingivitis, and should stay away from other kids."

Ronny was an employee at the Charmin toilet paper factory, but because he had an unreported case of asshole gingivitis, almost 5 million people complained of symptoms related to asshole gingivitis.

"Matthew, shut up. Stop making up stories about bumming Harry's mom up the ass. It's probably just an excuse for the asshole gingivitis you now have."

"Your asshole gingivitis is so raunch it's oozing out of your pants. And where is my mouth wash?"
by Steven G. July 02, 2006
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