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Located in Boston, Massachusetts.
Predestined from birth, the future greatest assholes in America are sent here after they graduate high school.
At this school, assholes refine their skills. They learn to mhc (make her cry) and how to be an all around asshole.
At the end of the year, one lucky guy is given the high esteemed title of "Asshole of the Year," thanks to his hard work, skill, and extreme dedication.
-Did you write your paper for Asshole Academy yet?
-Yes. Its all about how I lead this girl on and was a complete asshole to her and then just stopped talking to her, and then hooked up with a guy...
-Damn man. Thats some good asshole work.
-I know—I'm hoping to become "Asshole of the Year."
by The Duckword June 09, 2010
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