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the fifth installment to the assassin's creed franchise, assassin's creed 3 is not assassin's creed 5 because it introduces a third assassin to the franchise. the story's setting will be the revolutionary war around 1777. the new assassin's name is Connor. he is half white half Native American. i won't put his Native American name because his native american name is too fucking long and i don't know how to spell it. there will be key figures from the time period including george washington, benjamin franklin, and possibly charles lee who is some random general that almost got george's job but didn't qualify because he didn't tell his father that he cut down the cherry tree. The new assassin, connor, will have an array of weapons including a tomohawk, knife, hidden blade, bow and arrow, musket, and pistol. there are hints in the trailer that there will be duel-wielding because the video shows him fighting with a tomohawk and a knife. also there are two pistols on his outfit which also indicates duel-wielding with long-range weapons. a change to the original parkour system in assassin's creed is the new surrounding which will mostly be forest areas. ubisoft will be making changes to the parkour to fit this unique environment. to learn more i suggest looking up videos from ign. watch them on youtube if you dont have a fast computer because ign's video player is fucking bullshit and takes too long. the game will be released in october.
reader: man this guy did his homework. what a nerd. he needs to get a life.
me: fuck off. assassin's creed 3 is gonna be awesome.
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