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A number used to measure how sexually attractive a girl is by comparing her butt to her waist. This also shows how big a girl's butt truly is.

This is obtained by measuring the smallest part around a girl's waist and subtracting that from the largest part measured around a girls butt and thighs.

The following A/W Ratios are in inches

>0: Waist is bigger than butt, she must be flat and fat which won't look good at all. Fortunately this is rare (>5%)

1-5: Her butt is ok, this might not look good everyday and probably won't grab your attention. This is quite common

6-9: Her butt is pretty big, this is very noticeable and probably will grab your attention. This is quite uncommon


10+: Her butt is amazing, this looks unreal and might make you stare for a bit. This is also known as an extreme ass. This is extremely rare, and you may not see another one like this for months.


The distribution of the different A/W Ratios depends on booty geography
(girl walks in)

Boy1: (Looks briefly then turns to Boy2) She's alright....

Boy2: She has a pretty face but that ass to waist ratio isn't too good

Boy1: Yea she's got an ass but she's also got a fat stomach

Boy2: Her A/W Ratio must be like 4 or 5
by Optical Epilepsy April 29, 2010
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The size of a woman waist in contrast to the size of her ass. Normally this is seen on women with like a 40 plus ass with a 20 something waist.
JoiRydah, Elke The Stallion, CoCo Austin, Siobahn Ford, Angela Finney, Ass To Waist Ratio
by TheOriginalStealth June 08, 2010
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