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anal bitch, generally. some one who pays too much attention to things that don't posess any qualities worth paying attention to. consequently, an ass mongrel's presence is less than appreciated, due to being such a tool.
Dude, I was working with Dave the other day, and he fucking narc'd me out for not wearing my name tag to LuAnn. (mumble mumble dumb bitch)

Man, he's such an Ass Mongrel.
by neoprisonr March 22, 2004
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One who clings to the buttocks of another; Derogatory term for an unsavory person who is quite fond of the anus.
Those old coots were just a bunch of assmongrels.
He's an assmongrol
by the poopsmith July 09, 2003
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some one gay or straight who has a fascination with the ass and likes it in there or likes to stick it in there.
Stop bein such an assmongrel
by Derock May 29, 2004
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A really stupid person who like celebrates Hannukah on Christmas, and sells door to door girl scout cookies, singing stupid ass theme songs like fucking Scooby Doo. This sort of person gets beat up (sometimes) but never on Sundays since thats the holy day. This type of person never has a house or anything, and doesn't even like to plant trees or sharpen pencils, and is just a big fuck.
Man that little albino kid just raped my dog, what a fucking assmongrel!
by ToDDMaN June 10, 2003
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1. (interj.) A term used to describe immense displeasure.

2. (v.) A medical term referring to the infusion of incongruous ass cheeks onto one's face to replace dead facial tissue caused by pyrolysis.

3. (n.) Derogatory term for one who's facial features resemble the buttocks.
Assmongrels(1), my son's assmongrelling(2) was a complete failure! Now he really looks like an assmongrel(3).
by Richard Z. Crimiton, M.D. July 07, 2004
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