The burning sensation caused by acidic fecal matter. Most prevalent to those who suffer from lactose intolerance.
Example 1:
"Where is Brandon?"
"He's still on the toilet screaming because the shamrock shake gave him serious ass daggers."

Example 2:
"Coach, I can't climb the rope because my Ass Dagger might sever the line"
by Mister Wisdom February 26, 2014
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noun; something that is wearing, annoying, angering, or just a general pain in the ass. Can be applied to events, people, etc.
Origin: Xenia, Ohio
1. "Dude my Girlfriend is maken me go to the ballet this weekend." "Thats an Ass dagger"

2. "Hey man, I'm not trying to be an ass dagger, but you owe me 10 bucks."

3. "Damn, this job is a freaken ass dagger."
by Rydizl84 April 18, 2011
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