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Someone who would prefer to chase hairy man ass than any other. Also can refer to someone who constantly makes a complete drunk disgrace of himself such as JZ. In both instances, the image of a dumbass dog, i.e. hound, sniffing his own shit and licking his own balls comes to mind.
As per every Saturday night, JZ's usual yelling and drunken nuisance left no doubt to the fact that he is an ass hound.
by Craig Rafa May 03, 2006
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Dude who persistently pursues anal sex and generally loves asses. Including female ones.
Girl: You are such an asshound. We just did it that way on Tuesday.
Boy: So? Last I checked I didn't break it. Why can't I play with it again? I'll play nice. I promise.
by bumdarts November 17, 2011
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