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sleeping on bread because it is very soft, but sleeping on your own bread is pointless because it would be squished, but they restock the bread aisle daily so it is a continual source of mattress material.
asher roth is asleep in the bread aisle
by pierre grande April 23, 2009
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Asher Roth's new album is titled "Asleep in the Bread Aisle." While I agree with the above definition, I also feel it has to do with race. Since most bread, and bread in general is traditionally thought of as white, it could be a reference to race and rap. Since Eminem there has been a never ending emergence of "white rappers," and it could be said Asher has simply been "asleep" in the bread aisle (admist all the other white rappers waiting for his moment.) Asleep could either mean hiding there while he developed into his own or waiting there strategically waiting for the right time to strike his demographic while mocking the attempts of other white rappers trying to glorify their Eminem like struggles through poverty knowing the American population would never embrace another as they have Marshall Mathers, so he was sort of there mocking their attempts knowing his formula for success would be to embrace his white subrubarn no gangs and no guns upbringing.
Asher Roth has been asleep in the bread aisle this whole time.
by Shady1511 April 29, 2009
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