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A free community based question and answer website devoted to offering knowledge seeking members and guests solutions for questions on virtually any topic. specializes in technical questions involving electronic devices, smartphones and computers. Members can also vote up or down answers based on relevancy and accuracy. Askmefast has both paid and volunteer topic experts answering questions as they come in, and paid content moderators ensuring the accuracy and quality of these answers.
I purchased a second hand HTC Desire Z five months ago and brought it home with intentions of activating it and using the smartphone that same day. To my dismay, the phone had a password when I turned it on. I tried to contact the old owner but he already removed his Kijiji classified ad and I had no way to do anything with the phone except make an emergency 911 call. So I googled this problem and voila. Askmefast had step by step instructions on how to factory reset this exact phone via the boot menu. The solution worked perfectly and I am still enjoying this phone.
by Tony LaChappelle December 22, 2012
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