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Ashwas are known for their unpredictable and silly behavior. They are normally seen wearing ripped up jeans and old band tees. Most have a long thick beautiful mane like that of a lion' have big precious moment eyes' rumor is that if you stare into them for too long they will steal your soul. Ashwas are very greedy lovers and will not return the favor. Ashwas have been known to lure men into their beds with their chubby lil tummies' enjoy being fed and having their ego's stroked. It is rumored that a large group of ashwas once saved the world and never received credit. To this day ashwas still roam the world walking tall and proud like peacocks' can often be fund with multicolored hair and enjoy punk rock music.
"Have you seen Ashwa today?? Her chubby belly is sexy as fuck" "don't stare into her eyes' she will still your soul bruhh" "Ashwa made me eat her out for and hour and she didn't return the favor" "I saw an ashwa at the punk rock show"
by missrich May 28, 2016
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