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Very determine,intelligent and never gives up. Never afraid to face the greatest fear,loves the God she serves, funny, discipline,shy and strict
She is just asabea
by Kuks_bie June 16, 2017
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The gorgeous and virteous lady you will ever find. Intelligent, brave, God fearing. She makes you happy when you're her friend. Sometimes shy when many people are around .
ASABEA hates to be forced to do something she dislikes. Very difficult to convince .
She instantiates and epitomizes positive friendship.

Her memory is difficult to let go if you have an encounter with an ASABEA . An ASABEA lives by her promise.
ASABEA can dance ;dancing lady.
She's just ASABEA and EFUA ADEPA is her sister .

You will love to friend ASABEA.
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by @Sanekpakpa December 01, 2019
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A very pretty girl. She is very funny and will make you laugh if she is your friend. Is sometimes shy when around alot of people . She doesn't fall in love that easily. Never break her heart because her heart is worth fighting for.
She is so asabea
by PLee Yuh November 05, 2018
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