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A hip female with an artistic eye for visual art, alternative fashion, and underground music.
Did you see Katie's latest topless flower-child-themed photoshoot on her Instagram? She an art thot.
by artthot April 02, 2017
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A sub-class of a Thot. Acts and dresses similarly to a thot, but not as extreme as one (less makeup, more mild, but still revealing clothing, etc.). Thinks they are artistic but usually aren’t very unique. Usually thinks highly of themselves because of what they stand for generally (social justice, equal rights, racial equality, etc.), or what they stand for personally (an “aspiring personal goal”, such as taking a picture of the same cat everyday). Despite this, they are still a thot, and therefore they are not very intelligent, so any information they might hurl at you is probably wrong or from Buzzfeed (what’s the difference?).

They (or others) might think they are artsy because they edit their photos on an app that’s not Instagram or Snapchat, or because they draw/paint in their free time (despite being good or not). They might be so enveloped in the artsy persona that they might even study art history (professionally or not, most likely not), but despite this, they are still a thot who is “not like other girls”, so they can probably name some of Picasso’s paintings, but not much more than that.

Lastly, an art thot can also be classified as a wannabe thot (maybe due to self-esteem issues or a fear of showing off too much), but has not yet lost the mental capacity to become a thot. Usually the transition is very clear. An art thot will most likely evolve (devolve?) into a regular thot, so if you know one and are fearing the worst, the time to act is now. Good luck.
Person 1: “Hey, do you know that girl over there?”
Person 2: “Yeah, I’ve seen her around. She gives off the ‘art thotvibe.”
Person 1: “Yep, she looks just like every other art thot.”
by Swift Internet Justice May 16, 2018
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