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art school girl: (n) basically a female who attends art school who is also a hipster. Meaning they do all the hipster things including but not limited to, hanging out at danky coffee shops, wearing tight pants with a worn t shirt, etc., horned rimmed glasses, talk about politics, art, and bands that people probably never heard of because they think they're dope for knowing "good" music. They talk about cover art and buy vinyls instead of CD's. Because they think they're unique and don't want to conform to commercial america.
Bo Vice: Look at that girl in the bookstore looking at art books and sipping chai tea. She looks so cool.

Orpheius: ah. Those art school girls... you can't get with that unless you're a hipster.

Bo Vice: shucks!

Orpheius: Why in the hell did you say shucks?

Bo Vice: Idk. same reason why my name is Bo vice.

Orpheius: Shut up
by Reba MacIntyre December 03, 2009
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