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The act of dicking around; especially when said dicking around is done as a conscious, planned respite from more serious chores. The term was invented by notorious SC2 shoutcaster and guru Day9 around the beginning of the 2010's. It is worth noting that the term is in principle applicable to all forms of organized dicking around; however, to reach a level of arounddickery that properly corresponds with the origins and nature of true arounddickery, the specific dicking around that is being carried out should induce in its participant(s) inclinations toward silliness, unconventionality, a leisurely approach to the rules at hand and, last but not least, a strong urge to share seemingly irrelevant anecdotes and personal experiences with any and all listeners within earshot.
Arounddickery includes but is certainly not limited to:

Unlocking achievements in video games instead of doing assignments

Playing hide and seek in the supermarket

Ordering at a Drive thru wearing only your birthday suit

Setting up weird rules for yourself just to check what will happen
by fllllllllllllllllllll May 29, 2013
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