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An army tard is someone who may or may not have served in the armed forces, but insists that everything about the army is 'really cool' and 'patriotic'. Army tards usually display stickers on their vehicles indicating their rank or unit affiliation or some other type of military related jargon, which makes them feel 'special'. Army tards at the university level, to include ROTC cadets, usually stand out as those who maintain 'regulation haircuts', walk as if they're in an imaginary formation, and engage in really loud army-related conversations with other army tards.
Army tard 1: "Hey man, I can't wait to go to Iraq/Afghanistan. I hear all they do is work out all day and the food's really good!"

Army tard 2: "Yeah dude me too, but before I go, I'm buying an authentic K-BAR to attach to my right boot."

Army tard 1: "I don't know what i'd do without the army!"

Army tard 2: "Yeah, me too!"
by terminalsoup March 01, 2010
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